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Project NEEV (नींव) as the name suggests, is our intervention to lay a solid foundation of concept based learning outcomes at the elementary school level.

The ground operational model include,

  1. FBTM® Content;
  2. Continuous training & skill development for teachers;
  3. Equipment (TV/Computers);
  4. Solar Power to run it where power is inadequate or unavailable;
  5. An online tracking and monitoring system.


The five integrated aspects address all pedagogical and infrastructural issues and ensure smooth operations on the ground.

Collaborative matrix

Bharat Learn strategically aligns and leverages a collaborative matrix that include five key players-

  • State government & district administration. Bharat Learn looks to work with state governments by signing a MoU with them, which provides the scope and terms of engagement. Local administration at the district level is then aligned to provide the ground support.
  • Corporates PSUs and Individuals. Funds for the project are raised through corporate CSR participation as well as individual donations, which are exempted from income tax under 80G.
  • Bharat Learn. All on-the-ground mobilization, training and implementation are anchored by our on-site and back-end teams.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Organizations. These are credible agencies that independently monitor the project and assess impact.
  • Media & community outreach to align local communities and other NGOs.


Clearly defined purpose

Our goal over next three years is to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of our solution model in the Hindi states. Once demonstrated, governments and institutions can take up the methodology on a nationwide scale. To this end Bharat Learn shall:


  • Spread geographically in 1000-1500 schools in 3 districts of 3 states, directly reaching about 2 lakh students.
  • Spread deep by adding subjects through FBTM® content – Math, Science, Languages…
  • Spread wide by creating FBTM® content for Primary, Middle and Secondary classes.



Project NEEV envisages immediate as well as long reaching impacts for teachers, students and the community:


Neev in Madhya Pradesh

Government of Madhya Pradesh through Rajya Shiksha Kendra (RSK), Bhopal has signed an MOU with Bharat Learn in October 2016 under which a pilot of 100 primary schools in Singrauli district have been chosen for implementing NEEV (नींव)-MP.

The first FBTM® based course for primary level mathematics in Hindi is being implemented in these schools and will cover 12000-15000 students.

The baseline survey has been done and current learning levels of students of classes 1 to 5 have been mapped. Impact goals based on baseline have been articulated in consultation with officials of Singrauli Zila Shiksha Kendra, which will be continuously monitored in a periodic and systematic manner over the two years of project period.The initial program is being supported by Northern Coalfields Ltd (NCL) – a unit of Coal India Ltd and NTPC Ltd through their CSR.
“FBTM® is a unique and innovative approach unlike any we have seen in the past. The videos are very engaging, effective and easy to understand for students as they are in Hindi. Students have a sense of anticipation and they look forward to the class. Even teachers are finding this very useful”
Ajay Mishra
(APC – Zila Shiksha Kendra, Singrauli)

The whole project is overseen by a Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) constituted at the district headquarters under the chairmanship of DM or his nominee. The aim of PMC is to RATIFY milestones, REVIEW progress and RESOLVE issues. The PMC has members from all the organizations involved in the project including the funding partners.

Operations are currently expanding in more districts of MP even as similar MOUs are being discussed with other state governments.

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