FBTM® innovative learning

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Film Based Teaching Methodology (FBTM®)

Film Based Teaching Methodology (FBTM®), is the end result of vigorous usage of Film Based content in teaching and training context with path breaking results. The content comes with the promise of always being available Free and Freely to the end beneficiaries.

FBTM® innovative learning

FBTM® contenthas five core elements, all in local language,which together combine to form a module covering a particular topic as part of the syllabus:

  • a) Student Video: A 15-20 minute, multimodal, engaging content on the given topic shown to the students.
  • b) Teachers Video: A 5-8 minute, note to teachers on pedagogy and points to remember.
  • c) Practice Sheets: 10-15 sheets having practice sums in English and local language.
  • d) Tutorial Video: Solution of difficult sums.
  • e) Comic Books: Representation of the concepts regarding the given topic in a comic book for take away.

FBTM® Design Principles

The FBTM® content is designed keeping in mind the complexities in the Indian education, hence each module is built on following design principles:

  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-modal
  • Modular
  • Motivating
  • Seamless integration of moral/value instructions
  • Aligned with the curriculum of the respective boards

FBTM® Highlights

The FBTM® approach has a proven potential to transform content and pedagogy, both. It is produced by a highly competent team, and ensures following for the beneficiaries:

For Students: Entertaining and engaging student videos gets amazing acceptance with students; higher attendance in the classrooms; improved learning outcomes;

For Teachers: Easy to run; reduces workload; non-restrictive and non-prescriptive approach, does not demean but enhances her dignity; does not instruct but empowers her; and ensures that she succeeds and that success becomes her motivator.


About 100 modules for Primary level (class Ist to Vth) mathematics are being produced to address the need to have a solid foundation for early level learners. Named Basic Equalizer Course (BEC), it is designed to bridge the widening gap in learning outcomes of the students and to remove fear/disenchantment towards math at elementary stage. BEC has already received funds to produce its first 25 modules.

Plans are in place to expand the FBTM® content horizontally by adding primary level courses for other subjects like Science, EVS and Languages; and vertically by creating course content for class VIth and upwards for all subjects.

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