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Bharat Learn, an initiative of the Prakash Bindu Foundation, was founded to transform the teaching-learning outcomes at elementary school level. We are a six-year young, not-for-profit organisation dedicated towards solving the problem of low quality primary school education in rural/ tribal India. Our aim is to improve the quality of government school education in such a way that every school going child in India has access to the same high level of learning.

We aim to transform the teaching-learning outcomes at elementary school education in India through our unique & proprietary Film Based Teaching Methodology  (FBTM®).

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our Mool mantras

  • Education can win only when the teacher wins in the class.
  • Teaching- Learning is binary. One cannot exist in isolation of the other.
  • ‘Non-prescriptive’ and ‘non-restrictive’ is the way to empower teachers.
  • Dignity of teachers is more important than the design of instructions.
  • Repetition is necessary for learning, but repetition is boring. Hence, multi-modality.
  • If kids are not taught to ask the right questions, they will never learn to find the right answers. 
  • Education is supposed to differentiate. Not discriminate.

Team Members


Nitin Khanna

Founder & CEO

Varun Khanna

Chief Operations Officer

Sujata Arora

Admin Head

Sanjeev Singh



Deepali Rastogi

Ankaj Kumar


Bimal Kumar


Sonu Shah

Anjali Singh

Bishnu Priya

Rinkoo Dubey

Manisha Dubey



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One school at a time

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