Indian Education : Part B : Present and Forward

Current and Emergent Situation

India has seen rapid economic growth in the last two decades. However, as many would argue, India is starkly divided between the haves and have-nots. The middle and upper middle classes with their new economic freedoms and modern Western worldview are more aligned to and subsumed in the pot-pourri of globalization. At the same time, the bulk of the population remains excluded from the benefits of rapid economic growth.   

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Skill India 2015 : Quit Playing Games with my Heart

On the occasion of WORLD YOUTH DAY, 15 July 2015, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi launched the SKILL INDIA campaign. With a view to get about 40 crore Indians employed, the SKILL INDIA campaign has initiated four major schemes to fulfill this mission : National Skill Development Mission, National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana  (PMKVY) scheme and the Skill Loan scheme. 

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Miles and miles apart : Finnish education system vs Indian education system

“Don’t worry, be happy…” No, this is no positivity blog. I recently came across a documentary on the Finnish education system through a friend. For those of you who don’t know, Finland’s education system is known to be one of the best education systems in the world and as we peep inside a Finnish elementary classroom in a village of Finland called Fiskarin, we see children playing musical instruments and humming merrily to the tune of “Don’t worry, be happy”

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RTE- A Shot In The Dark?

Education has always been, and will continue to be a topic of debate. When we talk about education, a thousand thoughts and words go through the head. The first word we associate with education is undoubtedly, ‘children’. But, which children are we talking about here?The ones who have all the facilities and all the financial support it takes to live their dreams and have a bright future? But what about those kids who are deprived off access to the very basic level of education owing to numerous constraints?

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Shrinking Syllabus Rising Stress

Directorate of Education, Delhi, has recommended for culling from the syllabus to scale back it by 25%. Read “DoE makes syllabus topics recommended for culling public for comments”.
The following article “Shrinking Syllabus, Rising Stress” by Mr. Nitin Khanna (Founder and CEO, Bharat Learn) , gives insights and lets you delve into the pros and cons of this initiative.

The main argument in favor of culling is to ‘make it easy for the learner’, never mind what happens to the learning itself. Now that is an interesting argument. And it comes from the same place from where many other similar arguments come. Like – giving high marks as freebies, no detention up to class 8th, etc.

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